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Rare earth magnet spheres

Rare earth magnet spheres
Rare earth magnet spheres
NdFeB magnets are the first choice for applications where the user needs to provide maximum performance with small volumes . We work great together from up and suck each other in the very far distance , neodymium magnets will certainly make you surprised by the volume and gravity of it .

The attraction of non- spherical NdFeB NdFeB high as cubes and spheres particular , they are widely used in fashion design , decorations , toys puzzle ...

Unlike a ferrite magnet and rubber magnet , magnet need a white outer coating to protect them . Standard class 3-layer coating is usually NiCuNi , in addition we have a number of other coating such as zinc , chorme , silver , or gold .

Power Play Magnets NdFeB magnet supply -demand picture for use with :

Size: from 5mm diameter to those who have extreme gravity greater than 9 ( mm ) .
Stretching : from 2Kg to 10kg , if customers need more traction please feel free to call into our hotline , we will advise dedicated to the needs of our customers.
Grades : N35 , N38 , N42 , N52 are the popular classes are most commonly used .
Temperature: all neodymium magnets only work a maximum of 80 ° C.
Spherical Magnets extremely dangerous if swallowed, so it should not give children under 5 years old toys .

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